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You ever date someone that feels the need to update you on their progress throughout the day? Regardless of how mundane and uninteresting their tasks may be? Well, you are in luck…

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Don’t be that asshole.

Also, there will be kittens. Possibly a puppy.

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Well cheer up, pussy and why not relax those sphincter muscles a hair honing your Casino-gaming skills by watching an inebriated dickhead do everything you’re not supposed to do. And look sexy as hell while doing so, I just might add.

Or, if you’re not really a fan of petulant man-children who drink too much, or perhaps you just prefer a less douchey approach to your relaxation process, try learning some of Frank’s helpful tips for improving your arts and crafts skills, while also cataloging the ins & outs of controlled demolition.

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…it certainly never hurts to polish up on your men’s fashion trends, and possibly learn a new appreciation for the many merits of pressing one’s shirt.

Just saying.

Dropping panties since 1882.

If you’re still with me, buckle up Buttercup…

Get ready to spend your Tuesdays with Dr. Rivers and the gang, as they paint the town red and slay the poon dead.

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